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You are not responsible for anything that happen to you as a child but you are 100% responsible for your own healing journey.

~Johnnie Dent Junior

Mind Miracle Center is a family hypnotherapy center that is located in South Jakarta. This center is strategically located on Jl. Gandaria Tengah, with close proximity to Gandaria City Mall.

Our Vision.

Trusted Mental Health Provider

To be the trusted mental health healing center by helping clients recover from psychological issues, through scientific proven hypnotherapy technique

Our Mission.


Help and transform individual clients to achieve full potential to live positively and confidently by removing mental burden in subconscious mind


Increase society awareness of mental health related issues and educate society the power of hypnotherapy technique in solving personal issue


Increase professionalism and competency of hypnotherapist through continuously and advance learning program under Adi W. Gunawan Institute Mind of Technology

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Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.5, RT.1/RW.3, Kramat Pela, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12130

About Hypnotheraphy

Hypnotherapy consists of two words, hypnosis and therapy, meaning the clinical therapy by using special techniques in hypnosis stage.

So, what is the hypnosis stage?
Hypnosis definition according to Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology is as follows:
“Hypnosis is psycho-neurophysiology science based scientifically on brainwave frequency and amplitude changes from beta state to delta state resulting in enhancing and increasing focus, magnified concentration, and receptivity towards any mental message given to the subconscious”

In other words, hypnosis stage therapy could help client alter their stage of consciousness when the mind is in receptive condition to accept changes and modification of behavior. Changes can be fast , easy and permanent depending on individual’s condition and determination.

Specific Programs We Offer

Mind Miracle Center is a hypnotherapy center in Jakarta that can become the solution to the unanswered questions in your life!

Hypnotherapy Session For Adults

Hypnotherapy Session For Married Couples

Hypnotherapy Session For Children and Teens

  • Hypnoparenting
  • Hypnochildren

Your Needs Comes First!

How Does Hypnotherapy Works?

A Hypnotherapist, with the client’s permission, will guide her/ him to lower down the dominant brain wave from the beta level (conscious mind) to the alpha, theta and delta level (subconscious mind). At this stage, client will be very receptive to accept any suggestion or messages for positive changes.

The requirement of an effective hypnotherapy:


Recognizing one’s own problem and limitation is the first step to recovery and self-healing!


Client is with her/ his own will, want to go through hypnotherapy


Client is prepared to open and honestly share all the experience and information

Hypnotherapist Competency

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist is certified with Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy under Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology


Client must fully trusts the competency and methodology of the Therapist


A strong will to change is the key to solve the issue

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Why Choose Us

Experience Therapist

Short Wait Time

Good Recovery Rate

Strategic Location

Proven Protocol

Proven Protocol

Follow Up Coaching

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Our Services.



Our Hypnotherapists can help solve a variety of problems at different ages and client conditions, as long as the client is willing and honest to disclose their datat and information needed.

Married Couples

For the case of married couples, both husband and wife should be aware and realize the problems they are facing. Each person should be willing to self-inspect and work together to resolve the problems.

Child and Teens

For consultation and hypnotherapy in children, the consultation will be done with both parents first (hypnoparenting), then with the child (hypnochildren). This is because parents are natural hypnotherapists and act as a role model for their children. Usually, what happens to a child is related to what happens to their parents.

Mind Miracle Center is a hypnotherapy center in Jakarta that can become a solution to the unanswered questions in your life!

Why Do You Need A Hypnotherapist?


As humans, we are not free from problems or challenges and each of us have different levels of tolerance. Are you desperately looking for a way out and finding the root cause of the issue?  Do you feel  :

Stress / Deep Depression

Frustration/ Anger inside

Emotional instability and panic easily

Low self esteem

Phobia of things/ animal

Hard to focus in daily life

Tired of living, guilt and regret

Lonely, Self- hurt and self- blame

Difficult to quit bad habit/addiction

Unhappy relationship

Struggling for success

Remember , we are here to HELP …

About The Therapist

Floranita Kustendro C NF-NLP, CH.t.


Our hypnotherapist  Floranita Kustendro is certified hypnotherapist that has completed Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy (SECH) certification from Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology.

She has gone through strict qualification processes and intensive training and is constantly upgrading herself with the latest knowledge. She is one of the active members of Asosiasi Hipnoterapi Klinis Indonesia (AHKI) and also certified at NF-NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coach and practitioner.

Her background as an educator and a speaker in various parenting and teenager seminars provide clients with a depth of understanding of mental health issue. She has actively engaged with various clients to overcome problems in life and health clients to achieve their personal goal.

Seminars and Workshops

  • How to direct the Kids’ Interest and Talents, 2009
  • Hypno-parenting, 2010
  • Music Therapy for Children, 2013
  • How to Handle Tantrum Kids, 2014
  • Overcome Addicted to Gadget for Kids, 2015
  • Smart Parenting, 2017
  • Miracle on Demand, 2017
  • Digital Generation Parent, 2018
  • Body Positivity Indonesia 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is 100% safe. It is a healing method by using the power of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a self-healing, it restructure the client’s mindset. The first requirement of Hypnotherapy is the client’s will to do the therapy. The safer alternative technique will be applied for clients with certain condition such as being a pregnant woman or having a heart problem.

Will the client lose his/her control and expose his/her secret?

During the therapy, the client will be aware and realise what happens during the process. Therapist will guide the client to relax and focus to explore the root cause.

Is hypnosis perform the same as TV Show where the client becomes unconscious or falls sleep?


It’s different. Hypnotherapy is providing healing for the subconscious mind when the client is in relax and full control awareness.

Is Hypnotherapy the same as "brainwashing"?

Of course not. Hypnotherapy is not brainwash. Therapist needs client’s permission to access the data memory in his/ her subconscious mind that is willing to share for restructuring.

Can Hypnotherapy change the basic personality of a person?

The answer is no. The process will only focus on specific issue the client’s need.

Is there any guarantee that my counseling will be confidential?

The client’s information will be documented confidentially. The therapist must follow the ethical Rule from AWGI. Should any part of counseling is to be shared for the educational purpose, therapist will ask for clinet’s permission and replace with fictional name.

How long will be needed for 1 therapy session and how many session maximum for handling one case?

Every session needs approximately 2 hours. In general, a Therapist will limit maximum 4 session for the same case. Furthermore, usually client can already feel the effect in 1-2 therapy session.

What kind of cases that can be overcome by Hypnotherapy?

Basically all psychosomatic (which are caused by the mind or thought) or negative emotion such as: sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, revenge, broken heart, afraid, worry, unconfident, etc. It can help to address family relationship issue (such as couples, parents, children, teens). Hypnotherapy can also cure insomnia, trauma, phobia, gadget addiction, smoking and other bad habits.

Is there any guarantee that the client will recover instantly?

The basic of Hypnotherapy is ‘effort oriented contract’, not ‘result oriented contract’. Therapist will do her best effort to overcome client’s problem. Many of our clients has experienced the positive changes in life after the hypnotherapy session.


How effective a hypnotherapy session varied between clients. This is due to the difference in an individual’s receptivity, personal willingness and commitment. Many factors such as the events in the client’s life could affect the outcome of the session which is beyond the control of the professional therapist.

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