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The role of parents to children

Every child is unique and precious. This sentence is true and I have a proven evidence from my twin daughters, Aileen dan Kyleen. Although many people say that they look alike, their friends are able to recognize and differentiate them. We, as parents, can differentiate their voice, attitude, and even their strengths at school and

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Stop Smoking

Nicotine is a substance naturally found in tobacco, whose effects are as strong as heroin or cocaine. When you smoke, nicotine gets into the lungs and is then absorbed into the bloodstream along with carbon monoxide and other toxins, flowing throughout the body. Nicotine works to divert emotions and negative feelings, replacing them with thoughts

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Hypnotherapy Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy  Lose Weight Have you tried dieting along with every form of exercise and always sweating but still not bias reduce weight? You’ve hired a trainer, a doctor, a nutritionist. Try a professional or hypnotherapist. Obesity is a condition in the body where the buildup of excess fat in the body, exceeds the limits good for

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