1. Does hypnosis perform the same as TV Show where the client pass out, unconscious or sleep?

It’s really different. Hypnotherapy is a healing therapy using subconscious mind in the conscious, relax and focus.

2. Does client lose his/her control and explore the secret?

Of course not. Client will only focus on the case that he/ she wants to settle, so the Therapist will guide to the data memory related to this case. During the therapy, Client will keep aware and realize what happen during the process.

The client can control him/ herself. Some clients even can realize when outside is raining, ask for drink or going to the toilet, even ask the time because she plan to do something after the therapy.

3. Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is 100% safe. It is a healing method by using subconscious mind power. Hypnotherapy is a self-healing, it is restructure the client’s mind power itself. The first requirement of Hypnotherapy is the client’s will to do the therapy. The safer alternative technique for clients with certain condition such as pregnant woman or have heart problem will be applied.

4. Is Hypnotherapy brain wash?

Of course not. Hypnotherapy is not brain wash. Therapist needs client’s permission to access the data memory stored in his/ her subconscious mind to be restructured.

5. Does Hypnotherapy can change the basic personality of someone?

The answer is no. The process of hypnotherapy will only be focus on the problem solving of certain negative emotion, with client’s permission.

6. Is there any guarantee that my counselling will be confidential?

For sure. The client’s information will be documented confidentially. The therapist must follow the ethical Rule from AWGI. Should any part of counselling will be shared for the society education purpose, Therapist will ask for permission and change with fictional name.

7. How long will be needed for 1 therapy session and how many session maximum for handling one case?

Every session needs approximately 2 hours. In general, a Therapist will limit maximum 4 session for the same case. Even more, usually client can already feel the effect in 1-2 therapy session.

8. What kind of cases that can be overcome by Hypnotherapy?

Basically all psychosomatic (which are caused by the mind or thought) or load negative emotion such as: sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, revenge, broken heart, afraid, worry, unconfident, etc, family problem (husband and wife problem, parent and child(ren). Hypnotherapy can also cure insomnia, trauma, phobia, addicted to gadget and smoking.

9. Is there any guarantee that the client will be recover instantly?

The basic of Hypnotherapy is ‘effort contract’, not ‘result contract’. Therapist will do her best to overcome client’s problem. So far, many of our client experiences the negative changes in life .

10. Can you inform the counseling schedule?

Every day based on appointment. Please contact therapist for registration. The client must fill in the Intake Form to dig further the problem.

11. How much is the professional fee? How is the procedure to make appointment?

For appointment and further info, please contact my mobile number below.