The role of parents to children

Every child is unique and precious. This sentence is true and I have a proven evidence from my twin daughters, Aileen dan Kyleen.

Although many people say that they look alike, their friends are able to recognize and differentiate them. We, as parents, can differentiate their voice, attitude, and even their strengths at school and their hobbies.

Aileen, the elder who was born several minutes earlier is more decisive, tomboy and easy going than her sister Kyleen, who is more of a follower, who is concerned with the smallest details.

Academically, they have similar results, but, if we take a closer look, they have strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. You will also be surprised as they have different dreams for themselves on their list.

As a parent, what should we do to make sure that our children are happy and developing based on their interests and potentials?

  1. The most important thing, is that we have to introduce them to the God/Allah. Teach them to always involve God in their best efforts and through their hard times.
  2. Treat them as a unique person with love


  1. Build a strong bond with your children. Create a mutual time to simply talk and get an update of their lives. Let them regard you as the first person to get genuine advice. Guide them to make their own decisions, instead of deciding for them. Start from the smallest things, like _______ , so they will have this skill to make their own decision for their future.

Accompany them in their down time and failure as well. Teach them to deal with the feeling of failure, teach them to stand up, stay positive and try again and again. This is one of important skill that every child should have, why? Hmm…I will elaborate more about it in the next topic.

  1. Whatever their dreams, we have to support and provide the facility or program they need. For example, if your child likes sport, you may register him/ her in the good club to make sure he/she is in the good and safe place to practice.
  2. A Parent should be the first role model for child(ren), so we have to show good examples in our daily lives. Let the children know that values that we taught are not only the theory, but applicable in life. Walk your talk. Show, not tell.
  3. One more…do not be lazy to update ourselves to be better “JAMAN NOW” parents. By updating ourselves, we can be more understanding to our chil(ren), and to their needs.

Do you agree with this? Share your opinion and let’s be better parents!