With Adi W. Gunawan

With Adi W. Gunawan

Sertifikasi Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy (SECH) dari Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology

Scientific EEG and Clinical Hypnotherapy @ Adi W. Gunawan Institute.

With Dr. Adi W. Gunawan, CCH.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy consists of two words, hypnosis and therapy, meaning the clinical therapy by using special techniques in hypnosis stage.

So, what is the hypnosis stage?

Hypnosis definition according to Adi W. Gunawan Institute of Mind Technology is as follows:

“Hypnosis is psycho-neurophysiology science based scientifically on brainwave frequency and amplitude changes from beta state to delta state resulting in enhancing and increasing focus, magnified concentration, and receptivity towards any mental message given to the subconscious”

Refer to above definition, hypnosis stage is actually the specific altered stage of consciousness where the mind in a very receptive condition to do changes/ modification of mind program fast, easily and permanent,hypnosis is the penetration of critical factors of the conscious mind followed by the acceptance of a selective thought (suggestion).

How does hypnotherapy work?

A Hypnotherapist, with the client permission, will guide her/ him to lower down the dominant brain wave from the beta level (conscious mind) to the
alpha, theta and delta level (subconscious mind).

Client will be very receptive to accept any suggestion or messages for positive changes.

The requirement of the effective hypnotherapy:

Client, with her/ his own will, wants to go through hypnotherapy.

Client fully trusts to the Therapist.

Client is willing to change.

To proceed, the client needs to open all information needed to find the root of problem.

The healing is on the client’s hand. Therapist just help to do the mind reconstruction.


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